Quadrature Dev

Research and Development for radios, digital signal processing, machine learning, and data science


Quadrature Dev is interested in the intersection of digital signal processing and data science, especially applied to problems with radio and wireless communications. We are interested in open source and have experience with PyTorch, GNU Radio, and accelerated instruction sets like SSE, AVX, NEON, and CUDA for GPUs.


Quadrature Dev has specialty in software development in C, C++, python, rust, and julia. We have targetted specialized instruction sets including CUDA for NVIDIA GPUs; SSE, AVX, AVX2, AVX512 for x86_64, NEON for ARM. We are comfortable interacting with Ettus Research USRPs through UHD and have worked with several other SDRs. We're familiar working around low-probability of intercept and detection waveforms and signal detectors including feature analysis and machine-learning methods. We have also contributed to full software modems for various waveforms and are comfortable with profiling tools for software optimization.


Quadrature Dev is interested in developing software defined radios and novel applications of radio processing that leverages GPUs. We're available for contract development. Contact .


Quadrature Dev is the contracting entity for Nathan West. I have previously held roles at the US Naval Research Laboratory and DeepSig. I have contributed to open-source software as the one-time maintainer of VOLK and contributing to release management for GNU Radio. I'm currently accepting contract development work and hope to spin Quadrature Dev in to a product-focused company that can sell SDR hardware with novel demo and example projects to co-design with customers.

Nathan West